Tattoos and Art Commissions

Whether I’m tattooing a memorial piece or drawing veiny dicks, I am a passionate artist. I love taking on new projects and collaborating with clients for tattoos and art commissions. My preferred projects are unique, imaginative, and at least a little weird.

Custom art is a particularly human practice, it is not mechanical or robotic. This is why I emphasize collaboration with my clients — you have great (or terrible but fun) ideas that I would love to infuse with my style and skill set. Contact me if you would like to work together on something beautiful, funny, gross, sentimental, bizarre, or all of the above. 


I’ve been blasting tatty zappers since 2005. My preferences usually teeter on the ridiculous and absurd, but I’m happy to take any idea you have and turn it into something rad. Feel free to EMAIL me with any question you may have. I’m always excited to meet new people and tackle new projects.


Commissioned Paintings, Drawing, and other Mediums:

My love of visual arts started early. Painting keeps me grounded. Drawing keeps me sane. I do on occasion take on commissioned pieces for the right client. Do you have an idea that you think I would be good at conveying? Please EMAIL me. I’d love to chat details with you.