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Warning this May be ‘triggering’ for some: Most offensive video games ever made.

Most offensive video games ever made

Self-expression comes in many forms. For some, it is displayed through tattoos and piercings; for others, it’s conveyed in poetry, songs, and art. However, call it a form of self-expression or a super offensive way to pass the time, but some video games are disgusting fixations for the masses. Below are the top five most truly heinous video games ever made.


Fist on the list is “Bonetown.” Need I say more? The whole premise of the PC game is to get laid. Bonetown describes itself as a “naughty role-playing game with the free-roaming atmosphere of Grand Theft Auto.” The game involves plenty of booze, drugs, bar fights, and women to try to hook up with. The more missions the player completes, the bigger his balls get and the hotter the girls. It sounds like a guy’s dream come true, no matter why it’s such a popular game.

JFK Reloaded

Next on the top five is called JFK Reloaded. The game is history-based on the assassination of JFK back in 1963. Albeit somewhat educational, it is highly offensive to many, including senators Edward Kennedy and Joe Lieberman, who both condemned the game. Other history buffs think the simulation is important and keeps the controversial assassination top of mind. As a matter of fact, it was released on the 41st anniversary of the president’s assassination, and people can’t see to get enough. There’s even a cash prize offered to the highest scorer – aka the best Harvey Lee Oswald shot. It’s good old-fashioned twisted fun.

Custer’s Revenge

The third most intrinsically messed up video game on the list is Custer’s Revenge, which was made for Atari 2600 back in the day. You didn’t need cutting-edge graphics to simulate ethnically-tinged sexual assault in the ’80s. In this game, players manipulated a naked cowboy inspired by the infamous George Custer sporting an obvious (albeit pixelated) erection. The objective was to roam across a rough desert landscape, evading obstacles like incoming arrows, in order to hook up with a naked, anatomically exaggerated Native American woman who is tethered to a post. It is a controversial game but one of the first adult-themed games to ever be released, so it earned a spot on this list.

Operation Pedopriest

Forth on this offensive list of video games is Operation Pedopriest. The punny title kicks ass. The game allows you to protect lustful priests from the police and negative media attention while innocent children are tempting them. The player gets to control the movements of Church enforcers dressed in crimson robes as they intimidate adult witnesses before they can make it to a telephone to report sexual discretions to the authorities. There’s even a limited option of being able to exile guilty priests in the Vatican without counting against the player’s score.


Finally, the fifth vilest video game on the list is Postal. As the name suggests, Postal follows a man with mental health problems, aka a dude who has gone postal, as he kills civilians and law enforcement. The first-person shooter game was popular enough that sequels, spinoffs, and an awful film were all made following its debut. This game was so violent and disturbing that it was banned in several countries across the Globe.

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Regardless of whether life is imitating art or vice versa, there is no shortage of artistic expression in most video games. These games have inspired tattoos, t-shirts, paintings from local artists, and more. They are entirely distasteful and pretty damn disturbing, but there is a desire for them on the market. I guess people are more twisted and dark than most appear on the surface. While I in no way condone or endorse the real-world atrocities these games portray, I can appreciate the sick sense of humor behind them. For some insight into what goes on in my brain, check out one of my latest pieces of work.